Essays In The Economic History Of The Atlantic World

Atlantic history is a specialty field in history that studies the Atlantic World in the early modern period. The Atlantic World was created by the discovery of a new land by Europeans, and Atlantic History is the study of that world. It is premised on the idea that, following the rise of sustained European contact with the New World in the 16th century, the continents that …Bureau of Economic Research economic history, inequality, and economic growth groups, New York University, and Princeton University for comments and suggestions. 1 Atlantic trade opportunities became available only dur-ing the late fifteenth century, thanks to the discovery of the New World and the passage to Asia around the Cape of Good Hope.Digital World History : An Agenda. Patrick Manning, University of Pittsburgh. April 2007. The late twentieth century brought an extraordinary expansion in knowledge about the past. In addition to the deepening of many localized studies of history, this expansion of knowledge brought about a dramatic transformation of World History. Drawing on extensive archival records, this digital memorial allows analysis of the ships, traders, and captives in the Atlantic slave trade. The three databases below provide details of 36, 000 trans- Atlantic slave voyages, 10, 000 intra-American ventures, names and personal information. You can read the introductory maps for a high-level guided explanation, view the timeline and …
1309 | 1642 | 3599 | 1750 | 3719
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