Literature Review Corporal Punishment

The use of corporal punishment to discipline children remains one of the last holdouts of old-fashioned childrearing in the United States and a large and growing body of research has challenged the long-held assumption that spanking is a good, and perhaps even a necessary, way to make children better behaved. 180. Highly Influential.WASHINGTON — Corporal punishment remains a widely used discipline technique in most American families, but it has also been a subject of controversy within the child development and psychological communities. In a large-scale meta-analysis of 88 studies, psychologist Elizabeth Thompson Gershoff, PhD, of the National Center for Children in. . . Literature review on prohibition and elimination of physical corporal punishment in the eastern Africa region by African Network on Prevention and Protection against Child Abuse and Neglect, 2012, African Network for the Prevention and Protection Against Child Abuse and Neglect ANPPCAN edition, in Englishcorporal punishment by parents made during the Universal Periodic Review UPR of the European Commission. 2 There are seven jurisdictions where there is no legislation banning corporal punishment at home and currently no commitment to law reform. 3 Outside Europe, physical punishment is legal in the US, Canada and Australia. It wasGroup Conclusion. In conclusion, corporal punishment should never be used when punishing a child. Although we need to respect different cultures when they use physical force on children to practice their religion, we do not need to use physical force on children as a way of punishment. Not only can physical punishment cause a child to have. . . Literature Review On Corporal Punishment - If you find academic writing hard, you ll benefit from best essay help available online. Hire our essay writer and …
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