Patient Experience Of Cancer Treatment

Call Us: 888-552-6760 Chat Online What is the CTCA patient experience like CTCA recognizes that no two cancer patients, and no two cancers, are exactly the same. Every patient’s care plan, from treating the disease to managing related side effects, is designed to meet his or her needs and treatment goals.The aopss is a retrospective paper-based survey, mailed to patients who are currently receiving cancer treatment or who have received cancer treatment within the preceding 6 months, that is designed to capture their experiences. Patients who were surveyed were asked, quot Is there anything else you would like to tell us about your cancer care services quot The National …Results: Cancer patients experienced a lack of information concerning cancer and its treatment. They also perceived that the cancer treatment made them suffer. In the patients opinion, the family doctor has a limited role in cancer care. However, the patients felt that the family doctor should be aware of their health.Major concerns of our patients include fear of death and pain, changes in interpersonal relationships and financial constraints. Only 66 of the patients wanted to be given a prognosis by their clinicians and just 70 of the patients recalled being given a detailed prognosis. 11 of the patients were not prepared to undergo palliative treatment.Qualitative evidence suggests that some patients experience poor communication with health care providers and have negative experiences when receiving their cancer diagnosis. Here, we use survey data from 8 provinces to present findings about the experiences of Canadian patients, specifically with respect to patient -provider communication, during the diagnosis and …experiences of cancer patients to manage the disease and cope with the disease during the course of the illness. Methodology Study Type This qualitative study was conducted with patients with a diagnosis of cancer who were treated at the Radiation Oncology service of a hospital between September 15, 2015 and December 15, 2015. Study Population
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